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NFL Handicapping Picks: We Offer Strategy to Improve Your Odds of Winning NFL Picks Against the Spread and Teaser Picks

Most NFL Handicapping sites offer expensive picks, confusing displays, and often untrustworthy statistics. At The Final Line, our goal is to provide affordable NFL handicapping picks through a clean, easy-to-use interface and create a trustworthy, honest relationship with our customers. Stop hoping to win and start turning your picks into profits with The Final Line – no hassles, no gimmicks, and no empty wallets

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Make Profitable Investments on the NFL With Our Strategy

We offer NFL handicapping services, which means we provide advice and a strategy to follow when betting on the NFL. Our strategy improves your chances of success for NFL straight bets, NFL teasers, and other NFL picks. Although we cannot place bets for you, we want to give you information that will maximize your winning potential. To use our service, follow the four simple steps below!

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2. Establish Your Investment Strategy

Use a smart approach to sports investing by creating a bankroll, establishing your risk tolerance, and wagering consistent amounts. Do this before placing any bets! For more info and tips, visit our System & Strategy page.

3. Find a Sportsbook

Either find a sportsbook in person if available, or signup at an online sportsbook. For our recommendations, and to view the sportsbook we use to find the starting line info, visit our Sportsbook Reviews page.

4. Start Profiting on Sports Betting!

Our research and expertise will help you feel confident that you’re placing smart bets. Use our information to improve your odds, places some wagers and start watching the profits roll in! Look at our statistics section below to see our past performance.

Improve Your Odds By Using Our Strategy

NFL Handicapping Statistics

Complete Transparency

Part of our goal at The Final Line is to build trust with our customers by communicating our NFL handicapping advice in an honest manner. We want you to feel comfortable using our NFL handicapping picks, and part of comfort is knowing what you’re getting from an online service. Below are statistics reflecting our results over the past four seasons (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). We update our season statistics weekly as it unfolds so you can have complete visibility as to how our system performs. More detailed statistics can be found on our statistics page.

NFL Handicapping Statistics

2016 Season (17 Weeks + Playoffs)






Win Percentage


Units Won


Return on Investment

NFL Handicapping Statistics

4 Seasons (2013 – 2016)






Win Percentage


Units Won


Return on Investment

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