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Professional NFL Handicapping Services

We are a NFL handicapping service that focuses on straight and teaser bets. We look for the best points available to maximize your return on investment at all times.


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  • Between 4-8 total picks a week for the entire 2017 regular season


Establish Your Strategy

Use an intelligent approach to maximize your return on investment:

  • Establish a bankroll
  • Evaluate your risk tolerance to determine a consistent wager amount for each pick
  • For more info, visit our Systems and Strategy page


Find a Sportsbook

Before utilizing our information, you’ll need to find a sportsbook to wager:

  • Check-out our Online Sportsbook comparison to find the best option for you, or wager in-person (Nevada only in US)
  • Ideally use a sportsbook with teaser options between 6-9 points for maximum profitability
  • Take our weekly value picks, place your wagers on them, and start watching the money roll in!

Our Goals

We have three primary goals at The Final Line:

1. To provide a game-changing, proven NFL handicapping service

For our past experience we’ve seen a lot of handicapping websites that either bombard you with ads or distracting graphics, or make you feel like you’ve taken a walk down the wrong street and are about to get robbed. We wanted to bring a modern approach to the industry by creating a user-friendly experience that is easy to understand and use.

We have also done years of extensive research to create a handicapping system that can generate a consistently profitable investment strategy for our customers. We are constantly improving and want to see all of our customers succeed, because when you win, we all win!

2. To offer our customers the best possible experience

As we mentioned before about the user experience, no one wants to have to spend time trying to figure out how to use a website. We are constantly reviewing and revising our website pages to make the navigation process as seamless as possible. We want you to fully understand what it is we do and how you can take advantage of our game-changing information, so making our website as easy to use as possible is our top priority. If you have any feedback that you make your experience more enjoyable, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will respond in a timely manner with any help with can provide!

3. To engage with like-minded sports fan who love the NFL

We created this website because we were avid sports fans, had been starting to find strategic advantages in the NFL betting industry, and wanted to share our success with all of you. We truly do not want to just put out a service and try to sell you on our products, but we love talking shop about the NFL and all sports-related topics. We encourage engagement through our website and social media pages because we really have a love for the game and want to hear everyone’s opinions on various sports topics and be able to spark a lively debate. Please feel free to post any sports topics you’d like to discuss on one of our social media platforms anytime, we’d love to chat with you! You can check out our social media pages by clicking on the icons in the menu sidebar!