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Professional NFL Handicapping Services

We are a NFL handicapping service that focuses on teaser betting. We analyze the lines and allocate the minimum amount of points needed to maximize your return on investment.


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Find a Sportsbook

Before utilizing our information, you need to find a sportsbook to place bets:

  • We recommend 5 Dimes, Bovada, or Sportsbetting.ag
  • Check out our Sportsbook Comparison table to find the best book for you
  • Make sure the sportsbook offers teasers with 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, and 8.5 points



Once you’ve read our teaser picks, place your wager:

  • Make sure to read our teaser picks each Wednesday
  • Use a sportsbook to find the teaser bet and add points to the line – make sure to add exactly the number of points we recommend!
  • Read our betting strategy guide for more detailed tips

Our Goals

We have three primary goals at The Final Line:

  1. Provide a professional handicapping service that people enjoy using.
  2. Deliver strong customer service to enhance our service.
  3. Establish an engaging sports community for those who love to talk sports.
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Professional Handicapping

Let’s be frank – Most NFL handicapping sites are outdated

They’re confusing. They bombard you with advertisements and distracting graphics. The navigation is cluttered, the information is presented poorly, and they make it nearly impossible to purchase picks quickly. They remind us of the used car salesman stereotype – sleazy, untrustworthy, and way behind the times. Handicapping sites don’t have to be confusing and difficult, so why are they?

We want you to enjoy your time at The Final Line. We know your primary reason for visiting is to get informed NFL betting information, so we’ve designed our website to make it as easy as possible to get you the information you need. Our navigation is straightforward and easy so you can find all of the information you need quickly. We want our information to be affordable for all types of customers, so we priced our packages lower than the majority of other handicapping websites. And we are transparent with our system – we show you our results and update them weekly so you make an informed decision about whether to sign up for The Final Line.

We won’t try to make claims like “we’re the best in the business” or “these picks cannot lose.” Anyone who’s involved in NFL betting knows there is no such thing as a sure bet, and you should be skeptical of anyone who promises a sure bet – claims like those are marketing ploys, plain and simple. What we can promise is that our system works. We are transparent with all of our statistics so that you can judge for yourself the effectiveness of our system. We also offer pricing that undercuts the competition significantly – we offer picks on a week-to-week basis so you can try it for however long you like without being tied into a subscription contract.

If you are still not comfortable with buying in right away, please sign up for our weekly newsletter that includes a Free Pick of the Week, hassle free!

Note: The information provided on this website is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please read our terms & conditions for more information.

Customer Service

We won’t succeed without happy customers

We want you to be happy with our service and encourage you to contact us about any problems you may have with the site or service. We will respond as soon as possible so any disputes can be resolved in a timely manner. We even offer a Profit Guarantee* when you purchase the Full Season package to ensure you will be pleased with our website. Please visit our FAQ page if you have any questions or read our Terms & Conditions for more information about the Profit Guarantee. We also encourage you to contact us if you need additional assistance!

Ultimately our success depends on you – when you win, you’re more likely to tell your friends about us. And that what keeps us motivated to be as successful as possible. It’s a simple idea: if you win, we win!

Sports Community

We want our website to feel like a community

We want to encourage community discussions and are currently building forum functionality in so you can comment on our articles as well as start your own sports discussions! We are sports guys ourselves, and love to hear the thoughts and opinions of other sports enthusiasts.

For the time being, check out The Final Take, a collection of articles written by The Final Line team about the NFL.