2015 NFL Draft Review: First Team All-Draft

2015 NFL Draft Review: First Team All-Draft

First Team All-Draft

Written by David Eads

The following is my first team all-draft. It is not a positional list of my favorite value picks or best fits or any of that. This is simply a team made up of each guy I like the best. I take chemistry and overall personal opinion into this; I recognize Jameis is a superior prospect to Hundley, but I just like Hundley and his game more.

QB: Brett Hundley, UCLA, Green Bay 5th round, pick 11 (147 overall)
Less polished than higher graded guys; give me his athleticism and high ceiling in a subpar class.

HB: Todd Gurley, UGA, St. Louis 1st, 10 (10)
This is a no brainer for me. Running backs have a short shelf life, but if you can dominate like that in the SEC, you should be fine in the NFL.

WR1: Amari Cooper, Alabama, Oakland 1st, 4 (4)
Lack of top end athleticism might concern some, I guess, but this dude is a winner and a hard worker and come in with a better brain than most receivers already in the league.

WR2: Breshad Perriman, UCF, Baltimore 1st, 26 (26)
Big burner, Torrey Smith clone, the Ravens are still awesome at drafting. Move along.

TE: Blake Bell, OU, San Francisco 4th, 18 (117).
No tight ends I absolutely love so therefore I want the Bell-dozer and there’s nothing you can do about it.

LT: Ereck Flowers, Miami, NYG 1st, 9 (9)

LG: Tre’ Jackson, FSU, NE 4th, 12 (111)

C: Cameron Erving, FSU, Cleveland 1st, 19 (19)
Love having three Florida guys all next to each other and 2 FSU guys; good chemistry. Is it possible that Jameis was helped out a lot by a fantastic OLine?

RG: Laken Tomlinson, Duke, Detroit 1st, 28 (28)

RT: T.J. Clemmings, Pitt, Minnesota 4th, 11 (110)
One guy all brains and technique, another all unrefined muscle. Each could benefit from the other. Look at that all ACC line. Represent.

DE: Leonard Williams, USC, NYJ 1st, 6 (6)

NT: Malcom Brown, Texas, NE 1st, 32 (32)

DE: Arik Armstead, Oregon, San Francisco 1st, 17 (17)
*cough* *cough* It’s getting a little chalky in here. Whatever, talent is talent.

3-4 OLB: Randy Gregory, Nebraska, Dallas 2nd, 28 (60)
I don’t like tweeners. Fowler and Ray are both in the 245-260 range and unless you’re a freak, I just don’t think that they have enough bulk to overpower or enough quickness to get around/drop into coverage. Gregory has surprising pass rushing skills for being under 245 and in the O-Line factory that is the Big 10.

ILB: Denzel Perryman, Miami, San Diego 2nd, 16 (48)

ILB: Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi St., Houston 2nd, 11 (43)
Both of these guys are thumpers with a high motor and minus athleticism. Hey, ya wanna know where I don’t care what your 40 was? Mike backer. Both play mean and work hard.

4-3 OLB: Paul Dawson, TCU, Cincinnati 3rd, 35 (99)
See above – smaller and better in coverage. An ILB at heart but I feel comfortable putting him outside.

CB:Trae Waynes, MSU, Minnesota 1st, 11 (11)

CB: Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest, Houston 1st, 16 (16)
Waynes is more physical and can play great man-to-man and press. Johnson is a great underneath and zone defender with top-end ball skills. I like having one of each.

SS: Landon Collins, Alabama, NYG 2nd, 1 (33)
Hi, my name is Landon Collins. I’m a linebacker masquerading as a defensive back. I can run a 4.4 and bench press a dump truck. I have come for your soul.

FS: Quinten Rollins, Miami (Oh), Green Bay 2nd, 30 (62)
Converted basketball player who just gave football a try and won MAC Defensive Player of the Year. Played corner in college, but I don’t think he simply will be able to keep up academically with the position being so new to the game. So, give me his great athleticism (but low-end top speed) and epic ball skills and play some center field, bruh.

How’d I do last year?

Just a brief look back at how my own expectations of last year’s draft class went. Obviously, these careers are only a year old so there is much left to be seen, but at least we can see how perceptions have changed.

Things I definitely got right:

Mike Evans: It took him a few games to get going, but he was easily the best offensive player on the Bucs last year. He’s only going to get better with a more stable QB situation and more time as a pro.

Sammy Watkins: I recognized his obvious talent, and it transferred over to the NFL. Even though he slowed down and got hurt later in the season, Watkins will be a solid contributor for years, barring injury. I stand by Evans becoming the better of the two and not moving a first round pick.

Andre Williams: He was able to contribute early in his career as he led New York running backs in snaps last season. And while Andre didn’t set the world aflame, it’s not like the G-Men were either. He could easily carve himself out a solid career, both in New York and elsewhere.

The Lions subpar draft: I actually like what the Lions did this year (2015), but last year was bad and we all knew it was too. They had virtually no contributors whatsoever from this class. What’s more, is that really, there aren’t many promising signs either. Tight End Eric Ebron could still turn into a weapon, but even if so, there really doesn’t seem to be anything significant that will come out of this class.

Things I definitely got wrong:

Aaron Donald and Greg Robinson: I definitely thought Aaron Donald would make it in the NFL and be a player, but I was tempering my expectations. I was wrong; he’s a beast. I feel comfortable saying that Donald is already one of the top 5 interior lineman in the league. I don’t think he’s quite as disruptive as J.J. Watt, but I think he can be just a step below at the Geno Atkins/Ndamukong Suh level. As good as Donald looked, Greg Robinson was the opposite. Put aside that he was out of shape to start camp and couldn’t make it to the first team despite being the number 2 overall pick, he was just plain bad when he played, too. There’s no reason to think that Greg won’t rebound and live up to his draft status, but he did not have the rookie season I expected.

The Colts draft class: I thought this was a wholly wasted draft and that is not that case. To be fair, the surrounding talent around the Colts’ stars last year was inarguably weak and so it offered the rooks a better opportunity than virtually every other mediocre-or-better squad would have. That said, these guys generally took advantage of the chance and though they’re contributions might lessen this year with the Colts strengthening their depth, they should be cashing checks for a few years more.

ODB: I mostly stand by my comments regarding the Giants draft class. That said, I completely overlooked Odell Beckham Jr. and had no clue he would be as good as he is.

Too Soon to Tell

The Texans: They’ve gotten virtually no contribution so far from this class but injury hampered the seasons of 4 of their picks last year, including 3 of their top 4. It would be nice if they found some lineman or d-backs out of these picks but, really, they need Clowney to work out. In their division, the Colts, Jags, and Titans all bottomed out and found franchise QBs within the last 3 years – the Texans bottomed out and found Clowney, whatever the hell he is (I’m not in the least bit bitter.)

The Bills: Apart from trading up for Watkins, I thought Buffalo had the best draft last year. As it turns out, their top O-line prospect didn’t play and the other two, while getting solid PT, were undeniably subpar (to be fair, nobody was expecting vintage Jonathan Ogden from mid-round rookies right off the bat). So, Watkins looks to be, at best, the third best receiver from this class and they lost a first rounder, the o-line prospects, while promising, were underwhelming, and nobody else really made a huge splash. Still, there is talent there and the guys are all still on the squad so we will have to wait and see in Buffalo.

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