Las Vegas SuperContest

The world’s premiere contest for professional NFL handicapping

The Las Vegas SuperContest is regarded as the most prominent pro football handicapping contest in the world. The contest is run out of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, which is world’s largest race and sports book. The contest has been growing in numbers over the past few years, with the number of contestants reaching 1,034 (2013), 1,403 (2014), 1,727 (2015) and 1,854 in 2016. The entry fee is $1,500 and the top 50 contestants winning prize money. The champions over the past few seasons have taken home huge payouts, banking $736,000, $895,000, and $906,000 over the past 3 seasons.

The contest is pretty straight-forward: each contestant selects 5 games each week against the spread for all 17 weeks of the regular season. Then the total wins and losses (and ties) will be tallied and the top 50 contestants go home with prize money. If you are a Nevada resident you can place your picks in person every week at the Westgate, but if you live outside of Nevada you will need to sign up for a proxy who will place the picks in person on your behalf. They’ve added a few mini-contests built into the SuperContest as well. The contestant with the best record after 4 weeks, after 8 weeks, and during the last 3 weeks of the season will earn a payout of $15,000 each. For 2017 they’ve also added a new contest called SuperContest Gold, where it’s a winner-take-all situation and a $5,000 entry fee. Here is a summary of the 2016 SuperContest results and prizes:

2016 SuperContest Final Standings (Prize Pool)

2ORANGE CRUSH5329354.5$358,192.80
3THE GOLDEN GOOSE5230353.5$116,199.45
3ANTON CHIGURH5331153.5$116,199.45
9THE NOTORIOUS C.O.Z.5332053$52,769.50
9THE 85 SB SHUFFLE5231253$52,769.50
13MAC SPORTS INC.5232152.5$27,290.90
16WET BUTTER5233052$19,956.45
16BUFFS ARE BACK5031452$19,956.45
16BISHOPS & BEAVERS5031452$19,956.45
16"THERE HE IS WIZARD"5132252$19,956.45
21VOTAW AAA 0709115133151.5$12,536.75
21THE BEIGELEISEN'S5032351.5$12,536.75
21ROOT DOCTOR5133151.5$12,536.75
31one winning drive4932451$6,254.15
31MUGSY MOO5033251$6,254.15
31LIL ZORBAS WILDCATS5033251$6,254.15
31KCC KINGS5134051$6,254.15
31FADE THE SAINTS5033251$6,254.15
31DR NATTY5033251$6,254.15
31AFRICAN BEAST5033251$6,254.15
40YOUR MOM'S TOUT5034150.5$2,217.35
40THE MATADOR5034150.5$2,217.35
40THE FINAL LINE5034150.5$2,217.35
40STEVE SERENITY4933350.5$2,217.35
40POPS 32844933350.5$2,217.35
40morley the 15th4933350.5$2,217.35
40Just Cover Baby!4933350.5$2,217.35
40BIG LIB4832550.5$2,217.35
40ACTION IS JUICE5034150.5$2,217.35

2016 was the first year that The Final Line entered the contest to see how we matched up against the best in the industry, and we tied for 40nd place taking home a prize of $2,217! We were happy to see that we can compete with the best NFL handicappers in the world, but feel that we still have a lot of room for improvement in 2017.

We’re offering a new promotion to any of our customers out there who think they have what it takes to take us down in the SuperContest. If you enter the SuperContest and can score a better record than The Final Line by season’s end, you will get FREE PICKS FOR LIFE! That’s right, you’ll have access to all of our yearly picks, every year. All you have to do is have an existing account with The Final Line, sign up for the SuperContest, and send us a message on either our Twitter or Facebook page (@FinalLinePicks) with your SuperContest name and the hashtag #BeatTheFinalLine so we can verify your entry.

If you need a proxy service for the SuperContest we recommend Football Contest Proxy, as we’ve worked with them in the past and they’ve been nothing but extremely helpful with the signup process. Click on the banner below for easy access of their page. Don’t delay, early-bird signups for the SuperContest (which gives eligibility for the mini-contest prizes) ends on September 4, 2017!