NFL Straight Bet – Week 5 – San Diego vs. Oakland

NFL Straight Bet – Week 5 – San Diego vs. Oakland

Take San Diego +4 away vs. Oakland

The Breakdown:

San Diego suffered yet another crushing defeat on Sunday, as they blew a 13 pt lead with 5 minutes left to lose at home to New Orleans 35-34. Oakland was able to muster a game winning drive to defeat Baltimore on the road 28-27. Oakland now sits at 3-1 and San Diego is 1-3, but Oakland only has a +2 point differential while San Diego has a +13 differential. SD could arguably be 4-0 were it not for late game collapses by the offense and defense. They have been outscored 37-16 in their 3 4th quarter meltdowns, but they have kept the offense afloat fairly well despite losing both Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead. On the flipside Oakland has needed a couple late bursts from their offense to secure 3 victories as they haven’t won by more than 7 pts and two games were won by 1 pt. Their defense has been horrible as they rank last in total yards allowed this year. Philip Rivers ranks in the top 5 in passer rating and should be able to put up big points on their California rivals. This one should be a good game between two closely matched opponents, but giving San Diego 4 pts due to recent miscues gives them value.

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