NFL Straight Bet – Week 3 – Atlanta vs. Detroit

NFL Straight Bet – Week 3 – Atlanta vs. Detroit

Take Atlanta -2.5 away vs. Detroit

The Breakdown:

Atlanta came out strong in their new stadium opener, taking down Green Bay 34-23 on Sunday Night Football. Detroit was also able to secure a win in the national spotlight, claiming a 24-10 road victory over the New York Giants. Matt Ryan has continued to be strong out of the gate throwing for 252 yds and a TD, while Devonta Freeman contributed 84 yds and 2 scores on the ground. Matt Stafford only threw for 122 yds but got 2 TDs, while 3 punt returns for 101 yds and a TD by Agnew helped move Detroit to 2-0 on the year.

This has been one of Detroit’s best starts in the past few years, but let’s not forget who they’ve played against. They had 5 sacks against a New York O-line that’s done nothing right to this point, and the same can be said for Arizona. Atlanta was able to pull out the opening road win at Chicago (although barely doing so) but handled a tough Green Bay team fairly easily, getting 3 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, and 1 INT. In the matchup between Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford the 2016 MVP still has the edge and the supporting cast on the offensive side of the ball, and it could be debated that the defense for Atlanta is stronger too. The biggest thing to watch will be how the defense performs without Vic Beasley, who is down with a torn hamstring. However, even with the game at Ford Field, Atlanta should have enough firepower to light up Detroit’s defense and come out with at least a TD victory in this one.

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