Sports Betting Teaser: What is a Teaser in Sports Betting?

What is a Teaser in Sports Betting?

Sports betting teasers are the best types of bet to make profit consistently over time

Sports betting teasers are bets in which you pick a team from two separate games, pair them into a single bet, and add points to both of their original lines in order to improve your chances of winning. The caveat for sports teasers is that both teams have to win their respective games for you to cover the bet, and your winnings are slightly lower than a straight bet.

For example, the original lines for two NFL games are New England -3 at home vs. Miami and Green Bay +4 away vs. Chicago. This means that New England must win by at least 3 points and Green bay can either win the game or lose by up to 4 points for you to win the bet. We want to give ourselves a better chance to win both games, so we pair these two games into a teaser bet and add 6.5 points to each line. Now the final lines are New England +3.5 and Green Bay +10.5. This means that New England can either win the game or lose by a field goal and Green Bay can either win the game or lose by up to 10 points for you to win the teaser bet.

By changing the sports betting teaser line you have improved the chances of both teams winning greatly.

Sports Betting Teasers

Changing the line is a huge advantage for the bettor, but the disadvantage betting teasers is the payouts – betting $100 would only win $83 when adding 6.5 points, for example. At face value, teasers for sports betting seem to be less lucrative than straight bets, which only require you to win against the spread. However, if you play teaser bets in sports consistently, over time you will win far more often than by betting against the spread, earning you more profit.

Sports Betting Teasers – Advantages and Disadvantages

  • When betting teasers, you pair two games together
  • You add points to both lines to improve your chances of winning
  • Both games must win for the teaser to win
  • Immediate returns are lower than straight bets
  • Over time, playing sports betting teasers will earn you more profit

Here’s our take at The Final Line: 2-team sports betting teasers are the safest way to make low-risk, high reward profits over time. Our sports betting system analyzes every team with careful and thorough statistical analysis, finds teams that are under-valued against the spread, and pairs them into a teaser bet by adding points to both lines to improve the chances of winning both games. Our system takes the least amount of points possible (to maximize profits over time) while still giving both games an excellent chance to win.

Think of teasers in sports betting as investments – by following our research and guidance, you can take the emotions out of gambling and learn to win teaser bets consistently over time.

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Taking Points on Football Teasers
The Final Line System

At The Final Line, we want to be as honest with you as possible. Every handicapper will give you a reason why their system works, but we ask you to look at their overall statistics like Win % (percentage of winning bets to overall bets placed) and Return on Investment (R.O.I. for short, this is based on how much you bet compared to your starting bankroll) to get a real feel for their success rate. We have one of the highest R.O.I. in the business, and this is because we stick to what works (we URGE you to visit our Strategy page for crucial tips to create smarter betting habits). We don’t mess around with all of the different sports betting types or claim “Picks of the Century!” for certain games.

The NFL is a volatile sport, and there is no such thing as a sure bet. You have to learn to see through the gimmicks and flashy awards that many sports betting websites advertise. The numbers will tell you the truth about their success, and if you’re trying to make money off teaser sports betting, success is all that matters.

A note from The Final Line’s creator, James Passemato
I originally created this system as a way to utilize my math skills and knowledge of football for investing purposes, and once I found success I wanted to share my strategy with others. I encourage you to consider The Final Line as your one-stop source for teaser sports betting strategy. We offer a Free Pick of the Week as well as results from every game on the Statistics page. Please follow us for free until you feel comfortable, but remember the sooner you join you sooner you will earn profits! Here’s to the 2014 NFL Season!

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