Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Tips

Learn some tricks of the trade with our sports betting tips

Whether you’re new to the sports betting world or have been placing bets for years, there’s still a lot of value to be gained by having an intelligent sports betting strategy. At The Final Line we don’t want to just sell you a service, but we want you to have the best chance of success and profiting off the NFL. The more successful you become using our NFL picks, advice, and sports betting tips, the more likely you are to recommend us to others. That’s a win-win scenario for both our customers and our business.

The first thing to understand is how sports betting works. Most lines will usually have a number associated with it that includes a “+” or “-“ sign to indicate the current odds on that bet. When betting against the spread these odds are usually -110, and a good way to think about this is how it refers to a $100 bet. For a line of -110, you’d have to bet $110 to win $100, so you win slightly less than the amount you have to wager (hence the negative sign). If the line were +110 you’d bet $100 to win $110, so you’d actually make more than your initial wager.

However, it’s important to understand that in most cases you’ll need to wager more than you’d win which means that on straight bets you’d need to win more than 50% of your bets to break even (52.38% to be exact). This gets a little more complicated when you start talking about teaser bets, as the odds changed based on how many points you end up adding to both teams. However, knowing that your winning percentage needs to be above 52.38% on straight bets long-term is a good piece of information to keep in mind (goal should be to win 53 games or more over a 100 game span).

Betting Tip 1: Bet Consistent Amounts

Another important sports betting tip is bet a consistent amount on each wager. We just talked about the idea of winning more than 50% of games, but that’s only useful if you’ve been betting a consistent amount per wager. If you try to bet more on teams you may think are a lock to win, you will likely lose more money over the course of the season. Your confidence may encourage you to risk more, but no bet is a sure thing. Each season there are upsets, and the only way to control for these over the full season is to bet the same amount each time so no single bet ruins you.

Betting Tip 2: Bet Without Emotion

This ties into another important concept – betting without emotion. Your emotions could tempt you to bet more on your favorite team, which is too risky. Make unbiased decisions, just like you would in the stock market or any other investment opportunity. Long-term profits are the goal, and taking a consistent approach is one important key to achieving this goal. You will minimize any significant losses using this strategy, regardless of the type of wager (straight bet, teaser bet, or other) you are playing.

Betting Tip 3: Don’t Trust Week to Week Performance

Another important sport betting tip is to avoid reading too much into the most recent game. Every team will have a bad game here and there, but many people will see one bad game as a turning point and will bet against that same team the next week. This is recency bias, and it can influence our decision-making. It’s important to understand the difference between one bad performance or a trend. In statistics they would call that bad game an outlier if it stands out from the rest of the season, as the team did not show characteristics that are expected of them. Now if that team suddenly loses a few games in a row or wins four games in a row there may be a trend forming, but the key is to stay level headed when one outlier game occurs. There could be other variables at play that influenced the outcome that week, such as a star QB getting injured or a poor matchup against their opponent. Spotting the differences between a poor performance and a trend of a team can be crucial to long-term success, and if you know that others sometimes overreact to outliers you can actually find value in the lines the next week if you look closely.

These are just a few sports betting tips that can help you get off the ground successfully, avoiding common mistakes and immediate losses.

Sports Betting Tips

  • You usually are eligible to win less profit than your initial bet amount
  • The breakeven point for straight bets is a 52.38% winning percentage
  • Betting a consistent amount on every wager gives you better odds at long-term success
  • Keep emotion on the sidelines and use unbiased, fact-based decisions to choose bets
  • Look for trends in data (long-term) vs outliers (short-term performance)
  • Reference our sports betting tips to understand our system better.

With these basics strategies you’re already off to a better start than most. Of course if you really want to feel confident you’ll trust the experts to help you, and that’s why The Final Line offers packages that have been proven over several years to deliver highly profitable returns for our customers!

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The Final Line System

At The Final Line, we want to be as honest with you as possible. Every handicapper will give you a reason why their system works, but we ask you to look at their overall statistics like Win % (percentage of winning bets to overall bets placed) and Return on Investment (R.O.I. for short, this is based on how much you bet compared to your starting bankroll) to get a real feel for their success rate. We have one of the highest R.O.I. in the business, and this is because we stick to what works (we URGE you to visit our Strategy page for crucial tips to create smarter betting habits). We don’t mess around with all of the different betting types or claim “Picks of the Century!” for certain games.

The NFL is a very volatile sport, and there is no such thing as a sure bet. You have to learn to see through the gimmicks and flashy awards that many handicapping websites advertise. The numbers will tell you the truth about their success, and if you’re trying to make money off NFL betting, success is all that matters.

A note from The Final Line’s creator, James Passemato
I originally created this system as a way to utilize my math skills and knowledge of football for investing purposes, and once I found success I wanted to share my strategy with others. I encourage you to consider The Final Line as your one-stop source for NFL investing strategy. We offer a Free Pick of the Week so you can try before you buy, and we show the results from every game on the Statistics page. Please follow us for free until you feel comfortable, but remember the sooner you join the sooner you will earn profits! Here’s to the 2014 NFL Season!
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