The Final Take – NFL News and Discussion

The Final Take – NFL News & Discussion

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2015 NFL Draft Review: First Team All-Draft

The following is my first team all-draft. It is not a positional list of my favorite value picks or best fits or any of that. This is simply a team made up of each guy I like the best. I take chemistry and overall personal opinion into this; I recognize Jameis is a superior prospect to Hundley, but I just like Hundley and his game more.


2015 NFL Draft Review – Top Draft Picks

EVERYONE and their mom have a draft grades column or a draft day steals. I always have such a strong reaction to us laymen critiquing the pros. They have more tape, interviews, and mountains of other info that we couldn’t possibly get our hands on; they know more than we do. That said, I do think that it’s possible to have an opinion on teams’ drafts. In an effort to infuse more positivity into my life, I’ll stick here with just the picks I like. This is a combination of their fit with the team taking them, when they were taken compared to their talent, and overall, just how good I personally think they will be. I’m just doing through the fourth round as, honestly, it would take far more research than is worthwhile otherwise. Without further ado, my favorite picks of the 2015 draft.


2015 NFL Draft Preview: Most Intruiging Draft Questions

With the 2015 draft just days away, teams generally have their draft boards set. The Seahawks will take some dude 3 rounds higher than Mel Kiper deemed possible and the Pats will trade down. The Ravens will somehow draft amazingly and the Browns will continue to just be awesome. These things we know. Let’s look at some of the most interesting things we don’t yet know for this year’s draft.


2015 NFL Draft Preview: Quartback

Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, and everyone else

Quarterback is the most important position in sports. No other single position in any sport is as impactful on a team’s success than quarterback. Of course, the easiest way to get your guy is through the draft. After a slightly lackluster class last year, this year seems to have a good deal of talent. Leading into the draft, and really the entire college season, there have been two major pro QB prospects on the radar: Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota.


First Quarter Unexpected Performances

With such a small sample size, there’s not much we can know from these first few games. That said, there have been some positional groups that have performed differently than we might have projected at the beginning of the year. What I’ll do here is look at those units and try to see if there are any player performances that can help explain these unexpected happenings.


NFL First Quarter Review: Divisional Questions

In this article, Eads takes a look at each of the division through the first four games of the season and answers the following questions:

AFC East: What’s up with the Pats Offense?

NFC East: What the hell is going on?

AFC North: Are the Ravens secretly the best team in football?

NFC North: Where did the Bears defense come from?

AFC South: Who ya got, Texans or Colts?

NFC South: Which is more true: Saints suck or Falcons don’t suck?

AFC West: Can the Chargers make a run?

NFC West: Can three teams make the playoffs?


NFL Divisional Predictions (2014) – Who Will Be the NFL Division Winners?

The NFL schedule is beautiful. In all other major professional sports, you play every team in the league at least once. In the NFL, however, you only play about a third of the league each season. What’s more, you play nearly half your games against one group of teams. There is no quicker way to a great record than to beat the other teams in your division. Some NFL divisions even have personalities. ‘The Black-and-Blue’ division (AFC North) has mean, physical teams who chuck it deep and the current NFC West has nasty, fast defenses and clever coaches. In this article, I’ll give you my predictions for each NFL division winner based on who I think has the best relative odds.


The 2014 NFL Draft: Three Drafts I Really Liked (and Three I Didn’t)

The draft in the NFL is the way you win championships. It gives you three(ish) years of cheap talent. If you draft well, you win. Lots. Every talking head loves to give their analysis right off the bat and grade everyone’s draft based on whatever. I love how Mel Kiper presumes to have scouted the prospects better and knows each team’s needs more than the teams themselves. Whatever, dude.

That being said (and realizing the egregious hypocrisy), here are three NFL teams who had drafts I loved and three teams with drafts I didn’t. First, though, I should mention that I am excluding the Ravens and the Steelers. It doesn’t even seem fair anymore how much better these guys are than everyone else. They could make a top 5 list every year for the past generation. That said, let’s get into it.


Biggest surprises/takeaways from week 1

We’re now through Week 1 of the NFL season (and TNF of week 2), and of course there’s plenty of new stories to keep us occupied besides just Deflategate. What new teams or players do you think are undervalued/overvalued after our first glimpse into the 2015 season?


What is the next step for the NFL disciplinary committee?

The Deflategate controversy and outcome in favor of Tom Brady is just the newest example of how flawed the current disciplinary system is in the NFL. Do you think there needs to be a change to how issues are handled in the future? Can Goodell even remain the NFL commissioner after 4 overturned rulings within 1 years time?


Which Team is Most Improved for 2015?

Which NFL team improved the most between February and now? Who is going to outperform expectations? Let us know by commenting!